manzanita hive

from our home to yours.


Yes, it’s corny but it’s true! We make everything from our home shop. We offer timeless products, handmade in our shop to enhance your home and offer a little something special for gift giving.

Our family business was born out of the desire to offer natural, safe and beautiful items for your home. While Manzanita Hive is pretty new, we have been making wood toys since 2010, visit Manzanita Kids to learn more.

Living in the Pacific North West, we are blessed with access to the ocean, mountains and high desert. Our family adventures revolve around exploring and getting in touch with the rhythms of nature.



We carefully select the best FSC hardwoods and buy from a local source. This beautiful wood is enhanced and protected by our own blend of beeswax and mineral oil, which we apply by hand.



Wood is naturally antibacterial, it's true! Wash with warm water and a mild soap, towel dry and stand board on end to fully dry.
Every couple of months or as needed you should apply mineral oil to the board, a little goes a long way. Frequent application keeps the wood happy and looking it’s best.

Wood Species

We work with three woods: European Beech, Hard Maple and Black Walnut. They all engrave beautifully and are perfect to customize for gifts. Maple and beech are extremely hard and make excellent daily cutting boards. Walnut is also very durable and all three will be great tools in the kitchen when properly cared for.